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Product Specification

The High-tech Quality BRA-GLA® MP is a highperformance thermoplastic material equipped with special insulating components.
Air chambers on one side are supporting the insulation effect additionally .

Special Material Characteristics:

  • very high continuous usage temperature
  • excellent insulation effect
  • exceptional resistance against solvents and cleaning agents
  • very high resistance to impacts and deformations

Range of Application

The High-tech Quality BRA-GLA® MP is preferred to use as exterior insulation of moulds, tools and machines with a surface temperature up to 270°C. BRA-GLA® MP shows a high resistance against impact loads and it is also resistant against solvents, oil and steam. This chemical durability allows even a ultrasonic cleaning of tools without removing
the BRA-GLA® MP.

Delivery Information:

Standard thickness: 6; 8; 10 mm
Specifications are subject to alteration due to technical development.
The standard values given in this data sheet are
not part of any contract.

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