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FM-HIGH® and Micatherm, MICA based gasketing materials and gaskets

FM-HIGH® and Micatherm, MICA based gasketing materials and gaskets

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Planichem is a market leading company that specializes in the processing of MICA, ptfe, graphite and all the main asbestos-free materials used for the production of gasketing materials, gaskets and semifinished products with high technical value. As a result, FMI is able to provide a wide range of high quality sealing products.

Graphite based products are universally recognized as one of the best solutions in terms of sealing for different applications in many industries. However, graphite has its limits due to oxidation: depending on the quality of the graphite and the level of inibition. In fact, in the presence of oxygen, the weight loss level of graphite will have significant rates up to 100% in the temperature range of 550°C to 700°C and above.

Based products MICA, free from oxidation, which can guarantee maximum strength, durability and reliability.

In order to solve this problem, FMI engaged in the development of special sealing materials able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C, such as the FM-HIGH® and the Micatherm series (FIRE SAFE approved), which are both able to meet the most critical requirements given by high temperature applications. For example, in the exhaust system of turbines used in combined cycle power plants where the hot exhaust gas is flowed at temperatures of around 700°C in the heat recovery steam generator unit (HRSG), this allows for the operation of additional steam turbines to improve the total efficiency of the power plant.

Thanks to their chemical formulation, these MICA based products, which are 100% oxidation free, are able to guarantee maximum resistance, reliability and long time service.

We support the most demanding applications in the presence of high temperatures.

MICA is in fact a mineral which shows incredible physical and chemical properties, and thanks to its peculiarity, is free of oxidation even at higher temperatures.

The main features of these products:

  • 100% oxidation free
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • High temperature resistance
  • Fire Safe

FM-HIGH ® is a gasketing material, FMI patented, manufactured with vermiculite powder e bio-solubile fibers.

Available with a tanged aisi 316 steel support to enhance the pressure resistance, this product represents the most advanced technical solution in the field of high temp applications.

Download FMHIGH API 6FB FIRE SAFE Approval

FM-HIGH® and Micatherm, MICA based gasketing materials and gaskets.

Micatherm family includes several references:

Micatherm S15 and Micatherm S0 are mica based gasketing materials available with or without steel insertion.

Micatherm filler for spiral wound gaskets, which are on-shore and off-shore FIRE SAFE approved.

Micatherm facing for cammprofile layers.

FMI is an Italian company specialized in the processing of MICA for the production of gasketing materials, gaskets and semi-finished products with high technical value.

If you are in need of special sealing solutions please contact our sales team at:

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