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Throughout the years, Planichem improved the manufacturing processes of its own asbestos-free sheets, which feature very high quality raw material. The products are available in several sizes, up to 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm (59”) and a thickness up to 8 mm (0,3”). Bidirectional PTFE – SICHEM® Expanded graphite – UNIGRAPH® Reinforced graphite – FLEXIGRAF® Mica based materials for high temperatures – MICATHERM, FMHIGH® Compressed synthetic fibres – FLEXSEALS®

PTFE Bidirezionale

Bidirectional modified ptfe based gasketing materials.

FMI SPA Products Flexigraf FGS 3

Reinforced graphite based gasketing materials.

Planichem Srl Mica

Mica based gasketing materials.

FMI SPA Products FlexSEALS 163-1

Compressed fiber based gasketing materials.

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