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XGD 15

Product Specification

XGD® 15 is a thermosetting high-temperature plastic with air chambers on one side.

Special Material Characteristics:

  • high continuous usage temperature
  • excellent insulation effect
  • excellent insulation effect

Range of Applications

This insulation material was especially developed for the use as exterior insulation of tools and moulds. The structured side must be installed on
the hot side. This generates additional air chambers which reduce energy losses by convection and radiation. In addition to shorter heating–up
times, the optimization of the process and the safety of the operator the use of a special outside insulation material is recommended.
Furthermore the XGD® 15 shows a high basic strength that avoids damages or destruction by shock loads during the handling or installation of tools.
XGD® 15 is easy to clean due to it´s smooth surface.

Delivery Information:

Standard thickness: 6 + 10 mm
Thickness tolerance: +/-1 mm

Specifications are subject to alteration due to technical development.
The standard values given in this data sheet are not part of any contract.

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