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XGD 25

Product Specification prodotto

XGD 25 is glass fibre reinforced thermosetting plastic.

Special Material Characteristics:

  • higher insulation effect as standardinsulation materials
  • high temperature resistance
  • good mechanical strength

Range of Applications

XGD 25 is mostly used in applications of the mould- and tool-making industry, where a excellent insulation effect is needed.

Dettagli fornitura:

Standard thicknes: 6; 30 mm
Premium-Finish is possible up to a nominal thickness of 10 mm:
// 0.02 mm by nominal thickness tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm

You may recognize a certain amount of air bubbles in the product which may occur as small cavities after the grinding process. These bubbles are typical for this product and don´t constitute a reduction in quality.

Specifications are subject to alteration due to technical development.
The standard values given in this data sheet are not part of any contract.

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