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Product Specification

The grade S 4000® HT is a thermosetting plastic, reinforced with glass fibres. The unique composition grants outstanding insulation capability combined with an excellent mechanical and thermal strength.

Special Material Characteristics

  • long-term temperature resistance
  • exceptionally good insulation effect
  • high compressive strength

Range of Applications

S 4000® HT is used as thermal insulating board or as mechanical part for heated presses and tools in the plastics-, rubber– and wood processing industry.
In comparison to other glass fibre reinforced plastics, S 4000® HT allows, the use of significantly less insulation thicknesses to reach the desired insulation effect.
Compared to the Quality S 4000® the S 4000® HT provides a higher temperature and pressure resistance.

Delivery information:

Standard thickness: 6 – 25 mm
Premium-Finish is possible up to a nominal thickness of 10 mm:
// 0.02 mm by nominal thickness tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm
You may recognize a certain amount of air bubbles in the product which may occur as small cavities after the grinding process. These bubbles are typical for this product and don´t constitute a reduction in quality.

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