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Throughout the years, PLANICHEM improved the manufacturing processes of its own asbestos-free sheets, which feature very high quality raw material. The products are available in several sizes, up to 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm (59”) and a thickness up to 8 mm (0,3”). Bidirectional PTFE – SICHEM® Expanded graphite – UNIGRAPH® Reinforced graphite – FLEXIGRAF® Mica based materials for high temperatures – MICATHERM, FMHIGH® Compressed synthetic fibres – FLEXSEALS® Spiral wound, metallic and semi metallic gaskets FLEXWOUND® and FLEXCAMM® FMI spiral wound gaskets provide a perfect sealing and duration level thanks to the quality of materials and the accurate manufacturing process. Gaskets cut to specification The technical department converts customers’ requests into tailor made gaskets, manufactured with FMI sheets. The best cutting techniques to produce special gaskets, up to 3 meters and more. PTFE based products We have all the PTFE solutions, semi finished and finished products: fabrics, sheets, pipes, profiles and gaskets. Insulating plates- FRATIT® Materials for special applications which require a high pressure and temperature tightness, also cut to specification. Flange insulation kit FMI insulating systems, with high resistance inert materials, for the galvanic insulation of flanges. Special packings – FLEXPACK® Round and rectangular section, made of high thermal and mechanical resistance fabrics, ideal for insulation and temperature tightness in connecting parts.


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