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The Planichem story is one of strongly desired success that starts from a small manufacturer of gaskets for industry. FMI’s in-depth market experience and understanding led to the idea of widening production to go beyond the limits of single product supply.
FMI introduced systematic production diversity, adopting and reinventing innovative machinery in its sector, such as Water Jet machines for cutting gaskets, authomatic and semi-authomatic presses, authomatic and semi-authomatic spiral wound gaskets production machines and calendering line for graphite lamination and bi-directional ptfe production.

Azienda-Corporate Profile

PLANICHEM the corporate mission

Planichem is not just about gaskets supply, but also, and above all, focus on plant’s performance improvement, and support on maintenance strategy planning; from problems analysis to solutions: a creative method composed of technology, technique, intuition, knowledge and experience put at the service of customers.

Defined corporate procedures ensure an adequate flow of information and work, in order to guarantee the best result.

Fulfilling the declared requirements, the quality of materials, and services.

An in-house research centre, in collaboration with prestigious international universities, develops new materials and own manufacturing processes.

Each employee is focused on offering the best responses and support to the customers, through a constant technical training.

Open relationships with distributors and commercial partners, in managing the assigned areas.

Products are manufactured with the best raw materials, in order to ensure the quality standard through time.

PTFE Bidirezionale
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